Introductory Post

I am Cale Bloskas. I am originally from Anton, TX which is right outside of Lubbock. I started school at ENMU in fall 2011 but ended up transferring to West Texas A&M in Spring 2013 because they provided me with more opportunities that met my interest. After a year and a half at WT, I put school and work on hold for two years to be a full-time missionary for my church in Michigan. I got back about a year ago and worked in Lubbock at an eye doctor before getting married this past July and continuing my schooling here at ENMU. I will graduate this May with a degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.

As for the theme of this blog I have not decided what exactly I want to focus on. I have a huge interest in sports, politics, philosophy, leadership skills, and religion. I feel like a few of those topics tie together, so it is possible that I will be able to tie in a few different themes throughout my post.

(Photo Credit: Rochelle Divett Photography)


One thought on “Introductory Post

  1. There was once a really neat blog/web site called “Grantland.” It was run by Bill Simmons and it did a nice job of being a primarily sports blogging site, but they also incorporated pop culture, politics, entertainment. There’s nothing really wrong about having a multi-faceted blog. But sometimes it gets lost in its way. For our class purposes, you could combine some of these but not all. Sports, politics, philosophy would be a nice merger. Or replace philosophy with religion. You could try to find an intersection between sports and religion or religion and politics or one of the other combinations.


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