The Root of Mankind’s Problems


Religion and politics seem to be the reason behind almost every argument on Facebook, article in the news and war fought around the world. We are taught to avoid discussing these subjects in our conversations. Although we try to avoid them, they tend to be at the core of who we are and how we define ourselves.

American philosopher, John Dewey said, “the deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important.” Many people fill this void in their lives by engaging in different religious and political circles. We have values that are instilled in us in our youth that we continue to develop throughout our lives. These values are also often shaped by our individual religious and political views.

Many people try to keep politics and religion separated, but in reality, they influence each other. The separation of church and state is something in the constitution that often causes people to be uncomfortable and defensive when they start to influence each other. As Forbes contributor, Bill Flax illustrates in this article, “our forefathers never sought to evict the church from society… Eliminating the very foundations of America’s heritage would have horrified them. On few issues was there more unanimity.”

Instead, the founding fathers of this country embraced the differences that people had. They sought to unite them with true freedom for everyone regardless of religious or political affiliation. These freedoms have started several heated debates recently because everyone feels like he or she is right. People want others to share their beliefs because it validates their beliefs and as Dewey stated above, fulfills their “desire to be important.”

As the video on this website illustrates, everyone feels like they are doing what is right and believes in the cause they are fighting for. We will only have real change in society when we start to work together and understand the views of those we disagree with.

My goal is never to change anyone’s political or religious views. I recognize that these beliefs shape each of us and make the United States a beautiful country to live in. Instead, my goal is to look at current events and offer my opinion on how both sides of the debate can find common ground when we work together. I hope that you will continue to join me and provide your input as I dive into some of the political and religious discussions that continue to happen in the US and around the world.


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