Hippos Can’t Jump

I am a huge advocate for education. I try to learn something new every single day. Today I learned from a 1st grader that my mom teaches that hippos can’t jump. After doing research I found an article that confirmed that not only can hippos not jump but their milk is also bright pink. These are not things that I would have been able to learn in my communications classes today but instead required me to branch out and learn from someone who has researched random facts about Hippos. In the spirit of education this week I am exploring blogs that I thought had a similar audience of my blog. What I thought would be an easy task, I quickly got engulfed by the vast number of blogs that pop up when I searched “Religious and political blogs.” I spent a few hours looking through several blogs. Most didn’t have a writing style that intrigued me, and I quickly got bored but here a few that I thought were interesting to read, witty, or just provided information and opinions in a unique way. I do not agree with all (or any) of the views shared on these blogs, but they caught my attention.

Hippie Liberal Momma

Penelope Windeldorf


The thing that intrigued me about Penelope’s blog was the fact that 1. It was called Hippie Liberal Momma and 2. The fact that her image was the state of Texas with 4 pictures in it. I intrigued to learn more and quickly learned that while most of her recent post don’t have much to do with politics, once you dig a little deeper you get to the meat of the political side of her blog. She has several witty posts included a post titled, “Ron Paul’s Brain is a Dirty Diaper.” This a 2011 post where she goes on a rant about the reasons why nobody should vote for Ron Paul. I loved the way that she is not afraid to say what she is thinking and makes sure that her opinions are known.

Intersections- Thoughts on Religion, Culture, and Politics

Debra Dean Murphy


Debra’s blog was one of the first ones that I came across as I was trying to search for people who wrote about politics but also included religion in their post/views. Debra’s writing style is the complete opposite of Penelope’s blog that I mentioned above. Debra’s writing style is very detailed, thought out, and seeks to benefit the reader. Instead of using the blog simply as a journal to air out her thoughts she uses the blog as a platform to expose others to insightful information. A recent post from November discusses how Facebook arguments about politics happen because we are willing to say things online that we would never say in person. She talks about the benefits of face to face discussion and how a lot of pieces of communication (like expressions and non-verbal communication) is lost online.

Heather Annastasia’s Blog- “Never talk about religion and politics.”

Heather Annastasia


Heather Annastasia Blog features a writing style that is a mixture of both of the previous blogs I have mentioned. Heather uses the blog not only as a way to air out her thoughts but also seeks to educate her reader. She tries to tackle the taboo topic of mixing religion and politics with information the reader can use. Heather is the creative side of the blog, and uses Rob Constantine as the “left brain” of the blog, as she calls it, to bring research and hard facts to back up the post in the blog. She uses wit to tackle literally everything (one of her recent posts is simply about “dust”) but tries to offer mainly insight into religion and politics and how they intersect each other.


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