The Next Chapter

#55 Write a longer “About Me” post – Classical About Me posts are a couple of lines but introduce yourself more and write a longer one. People like to know what’s the background of the content they’re reading but they usually don’t have time to check LinkedIn accounts or just Google the name.


As my college career comes to a close, I realized that I am opening an entirely new chapter. I also realized that the blog post that the introductory blog post that I wrote about me a few months ago is no longer accurate.

A few months ago I wrote about my background of what lead me to ENMU and where I currently at in my life. But, a week from today that chapter comes to a close when I graduate from Eastern New Mexico University and am no longer a student at ENMU and will become a student of the world. This is exciting because it allows me to apply the things I have written about in this blog and also apply what I have learned in college. Yesterday, I accepted a position in Grand Rapids, MI that will move me over 1,000 miles from my friends and family. A step that is slightly frightening but is also very exciting.

When I first come up with a theme for this blog, I didn’t know exactly how it would play out, but I have enjoyed writing about several topics that expanded my own personal knowledge of subjects but allowed me to express my thoughts in an organized manner. I think the underlining theme of my blog has revolved around trying to better understand people.

The content and ideas that I have had for this blog have come from taking chances and learning lessons at the mercy of the real world. The background of the content revolves around me wanting to make a difference in the world. I feel like now that I am entering the workforce I will be able to come into contact with people who will help me to continue to learn valuable life lessons.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in life is by Dale Carnegie who said, “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.” As I enter the next chapter in my life, I hope that I am able to remember to have character and self-control and that I will also be able to be understanding and forgiving.



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